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An X-Ray file recycling company is Now Hiring! This position can be temp to hire for the right candidate. This warehouse is located off of Western Ave. 

Working Hours: Monday – Saturday, 6:00 am – 6:00 pm. 

Forklift is a must for this position. Must pass a background check and a drug test. Interview first for this position.

Duties: Responsible for washing boxes of ground film. Forklift experience is highly required. The employee would be placing the gaylord boxes into a dumper and would need to remove the barcode label so it can be cleared out of our inventory and accounted for in production for the day. 

Operating the dumper machine to dump the box of film into the tanks to be washed of the silver.  Another responsibility is during the washing process having the proper balance of water and chemicals to most effectively wash each type of material. 

Production numbers are highly important for this potion, the employee would have a partner that together the two-person team would need to wash 40,000 lbs of the ground film daily. Another thing we stress is the quality of washing, we tell employees not to sacrifice the quality of work for quantity. 

Please call 865-579-1645 for more details. Thank you. 

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