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Ready To Hire?
Ready to Hire?

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Ready to hire? Let us know what you're looking for and we'll get right on it!

We'll take care of all the hard stuff,
so you can get back to running your business.
We Do It All
  • Interviews
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Payroll processing, including all related taxes
  • Workers’ compensation and general liability
  • Drug Testing
We offer a full range of Temp and Temp-to-Hire services, including the above and much more.
So You Don't Have To
  • NO job search
  • NO hiring or firing
  • NO payroll processing or tax deposits
  • NO complicated workers compensation paperwork
  • NO complicated unemployment paperwork
You won't have to worry about the headaches of hiring and firing because we take care of it.
What type of labor are you looking for?

Let us find the right people to build your team and grow your business. Our staff is bilingual in English and Spanish which provides extra flexibility in finding the best match to perform the job duties you are requesting. If a position to be filled requires additional safety precautions, we can send employees to the jobsite with hard hats, safety glasses and ear plugs.

LSM offers the perfect staffing solution no matter what your need:

Temporary Labor

Sometimes you have a specific job with a specific time frame; as a result, your need for employees will end when the job is completed. Situations like this are a perfect time to use LSM Staffing to fill your temporary labor needs.
Our temporary labor services are flexible and reliable, giving you the help you need when you need it. Whether you need one employee or 10, for a day or a month, Labor Support Management has the resources and knowledge about the local market to find the best employees to do the job.

Temp-to-Hire Labor

Not every new employee is a good fit for the job. We often work with businesses who want a permanent employee, but do not have time for the paperwork and details involved with a direct hire.  Working with Labor Support Management allows you to try out an employee for a probationary period before making the decision to hire them as a permanent employee.  Being able to see how a temp employee performs on the job saves you potential frustration and costly expenses that can result from making a poor hiring decision.

With our temp-to-hire service,  you are under no obligation. It is up to you on how long the probationary period lasts, and if you choose not to hire the employee, you can keep them as a temp or LSM can find you someone else.  If you decide to try out several different employees for a specific position to observe them on the job, we will find the best candidates who have the required skills.

Direct Hire

Sometimes you know you need an employee, but you don’t have time to track down your own candidates. LSM Staffing recruits employees with various job skills on an ongoing basis so we will be ready to fill your requests with employees that fit the requirements you are looking for in a direct hire.

We will supply you with qualified candidates, working from your job description and list of responsibilities. The hire is yours, the footwork is ours. Our goal is to save you time, money and unnecessary hassles so you can dedicate more time to growing your business.

Permanent Staffing

Sometimes you need permanent employees, but you do not have adequate resources to handle all the responsibilities that come with having people on your staff.

This is where LSM really comes through for you, acting as both your human resources department and your payroll department. Our professional services can be a tremendous asset to your business, for we will put your employees on our payroll and handle the tasks associated with a staff such as distribution of payroll, issuing proper documentation for income tax requirements, handling any workers’ compensation issues and dealing with terminations.  We also take care of making sure the guidelines are met for Affordable Care Act compliance by tracking employee hours and enrollment in healthcare plans. By using LSM for your human resource and payroll needs, you avoid a lot of time consuming responsibilities and will have more time and energy to increase the productivity of your business.

We take care of your human resource and payroll needs, leaving you free to get down to business.
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